Boeing Fails to Deliver 777 Freighters to 12 Waiting Airlines

Boeing admitted yesterday that it had failed to deliver a single 777 freighter in the first quarter of the year.

The troubled plane-maker did, however, produce 11, according to analysis by Jefferies, but they are yet to have engines fitted and these so-called ‘gliders’ are stored at its facility in Everett.

Aside from the cashflow issues the delays will surely cause Boeing, it will also challenge its customers – and could impact the airfreight market.

Boeing has some 55 orders for the 777F to fulfil. Last year, it delivered nine in Q4, eight in Q3, five in Q2 and four in Q1.

Some 14 airlines are waiting for the 777F, including Air China Cargo, Qatar, Lufthansa and EVA Air.

GE, the 777F engine manufacturer, said last month than about 80% of its delivery shortages were because of constraints at suppliers. The aerospace industry has been severely impacted by supply chain issues.

Airbus told The Loadstar last month: “There have been a lot of issues post-Covid, mostly to do with skill levels. It is starting to look better now, but there are still problems, and still aircraft that are being delivered late. Some of the missing parts may be seller-furnished equipment for us, or buyer-furnished equipment for the airline, things like seats.

“Part of the problem was during Covid, where staff at suppliers took early retirement packages. So that means they’ve got to hire new people, and the new people have got to learn a new job.”

The delays at Boeing will not help in its race with Airbus. Many airlines are currently trying to choose between the A350F and 777-8F, with many decisions based on possible delivery schedules.

Waiting for 777F deliveries, along with some unidentified airlines:

Air China Cargo: 4

China Airlines: 3

DHL Aviation: 6

Emirates: 5

Ethiopian: 4

FedEx: 2

EVA Air: 1

Latam Brazil: 1

Lufthansa: 1

Maersk: 2

Qatar: 1

SilkWay: 3


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